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Ask us about the Offer in Compromise (OIC) process

Do you have back taxes you'll never be able to pay off? Instead of living in debt for the rest of your life, consider an Offer in Compromise (OIC). Mobile T-A-X and Finances LLC can help you navigate the OIC process to lower your tax liability and make it easier to pay off your debts.

The IRS does not take offers of compromise lightly, so have Veronica Beville-Jackson review your paperwork before submitting it. You'll have a better chance of being accepted with our professional advice.

What is an Office of Compromise?

Rarely does the IRS accept offers of compromise OIC from the general public, but they do. You can submit an OIC to ask the IRS to forgive your tax liability so you can avoid seizure of property, wage garnishments or jail time.

See if you qualify for an OIC - speak with Veronica Beville-Jackson today.

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