You Don't Have to Forfeit Your Property

Talk to us if your property is being levied

The IRS is fully capable of seizing your property to cover owed taxes. They can levy your financial assets and drain your bank accounts, or seize physical property, like your vehicles or home. Work with Veronica Beville-Jackson at Mobile T-A-X and Finances LLC to make sure you're not left with nothing. We'll file an appeal or fight for an agreement between you and the IRS to save some of your assets.

You don't have to give up everything you own. Call 205-379-8450 to schedule a consultation with Veronica today.

We'll help you navigate the levy against you

Not paying back taxes may not seem like a big deal until the IRS seizes your car, home or bank account. When you're left with nothing but still have something to own, let Mobile T-A-X and Finances help you make a deal. We'll walk you through a settlement with the IRS so you can keep some of your assets.

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