Can the IRS Take Money From Your Bank Account?

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If you've received paperwork about a bank levy against you, you probably have a lot of questions. Mobile T-A-X and Finances can explain what a bank levy is, how much the IRS can take from you, and how you can resolve the issue.

We may be able to reverse the levy entirely if you contact us quickly. Dial 205-379-8450 now.

What could a bank levy mean for your financial future?

A bank levy is exactly what it sounds like. The IRS can take money from your bank or credit union account. Fortunately, this is a multi-step procedure that can take some time to complete after you receive notice. That means there are ways to stop the bank levy from going into effect.

Mobile T-A-X and Finances can go over your situation with you and explain your options. If you speak with us soon enough, we might even be able to stop the action entirely.

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